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Korean vehicles browbeat AJAC awards

EACH year, a best and brightest in Canadian automotive broadcasting accumulate during Niagara-on-the-Lake for a large corruption of a year’s newest cars.

Did we attend? Well, no.

Sorry, did we skip a partial where we pronounced best and brightest? Should they disdain to enhance a entice to embody many expected to use extreme hyperbole, many expected to use 4 difference where one would do, and/or many expected to expostulate a AMG Mercedes off a lane and directly into a catering van, afterwards maybe I’ll make a cut.

Let’s wait until subsequent year.

In a meantime, as picked by a several members of a Automobile Journalists Association of Canada – scarcely all of whom are rather faraway to call me a co-worker – here are a 11 best cars in Canada for 2012.

Best new tiny car

Split into dual subcategories of some-more than or reduction than $21,000, it could be argued that a small-car difficulty has turn a many cutthroat foe in a country. After all, Canadians buy tiny cars as if we’re Europeans, eschewing big, parched rides in foster of fuel-

efficient hatchbacks and petite sedans.

This year, it’s a double-win for Hyundai both above and next a $21K symbol with, respectively, a Elantra and a Accent holding tip honours in rarely rival fields. The Elantra faced off opposite a Ford Focus and a new, more-efficient Subaru Impreza, though brought home a bacon with stylish pattern and class-leading fuel economy.

For a Accent, a large win is pipping that long-lived bestseller, a Honda Civic. While a larger, some-more absolute Civic competence seem improved matched opposite a Elantra, a Accent’s all-new pattern and gutsy 1.6-litre direct-injection engine gave it a edge.

Perhaps this difficulty brush competence have been a startle 5 years ago, though a Korean automobile makers have been gripping a hits entrance for several years now: it’s about time they started pier adult a kudos.

Best new family car

Speaking of difficulty sweeps, a Koreans are during it again, this time with dual versions of a singular model. Best for reduction than $30,000 was awarded to a Kia Optima sedan. Best for some-more than $30K was awarded to a Kia Optima sedan – with a hybrid powertrain.

Having driven both models, we can tell we that a Optima contingency have been an easy choice for a judges. With top-grade interior materials and a large design, Kia’s entrance in a difficulty that can be a bit disciplined is a exhale of uninformed air. In fact, we kind of feel like both cars should come with a cut in a glovebox, so we can hit off a badges and dope your neighbours into meditative we forsaken 60 grand on a new Audi.

The Hybrid Optima takes that luxury-brand turn of worldly pattern and adds efficiency, quite for highway pushing – not routinely a hybrid strong-suit. It’s also sportierlooking than a bottom Optima, with a reduce ride-height and styling sum carried from a fire-breathing turbo-charged Optima SX.

Best new oppulance car

While a upstarts (but can we unequivocally call Korean manufacturers upstarts anymore?) competence be unconditional a initial categories, it was a most some-more storied badge that took initial place in a Luxury segment: Mercedes-Benz.

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